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What is power of attorney?

As much as people want to avoid thinking about what might happen if they can no longer make decisions for themselves, it is important to be prepared for the unexpected. Creating a power of attorney is one of the most important steps in the estate planning process. A power of attorney simply a document that […]

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 How can I enforce a child support order in NJ?

Matters of child support are taken very seriously in New Jersey and throughout the country. In fact, there are organizations that work with each state to make sure every parent who is obligated to make child support payments does so. Parents who fail to make these payments are facing serious repercussions. If your child’s other […]

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Construction Site Accidents

Construction sites can pose hazards to employees where injuries and death occur on a regular basis, unless the prime or general contractor makes safety its number one priority.  Unfortunately, we routinely see safety hazards on job sites that could have been avoided, had proper safety measures been implemented.  The construction field is consistently reported as […]

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