New Jersey College Expenses and Student Loans | by Alison B. Weinroth, Esq.

Most Marital/Property Settlement Agreements (“PSA”) address the cost of a college education for the parties’ child(ren) by often including language that the child is required to apply for all available financial aid, student grants and loans. The issue of student loans was one issue addressed in an unpublished decision by the New Jersey Appellate Division […]

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The 2017 Tax Bill and Alimony

The Tax Bill of 2017 proposes significant changes to our nation’s current tax system. However., many taxpayers overlook the possible harm this tax bill may cause if they are going through a divorce and subject to alimony payments. A lesser known provision of the tax bill will fundamentally alter the present alimony system. What Does […]

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Is Mediation Right for Me?

Divorce can be long, expensive, emotional, and overall grueling. Couples who want to avoid the long drawn out process of a litigated divorce can seek to resolve their martial issues via a divorce mediation. Mediation is an alternative resolution process wherein divorcing couples resolve their marital issues with the help of a neutral mediator.  The […]

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